Sunbeams Through Your Head

by Strange Ranger

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Curtis thumbnail
Curtis I really liked what someone else said... "Captures what heavy-heartedness feels like.". I feel like that sums up this project pretty well. Favorite track: Life Would Be Cooler.
Mackenzie Jo
Mackenzie Jo thumbnail
Mackenzie Jo Strange Ranger fights danger without flanger. Favorite track: oh oh oh oh.
Cameron Crowell
Cameron Crowell thumbnail
Cameron Crowell "Strange Ranger (n): Someone who marches to the tune of their own sequin-clad boot-wearing star-wars-lovin drummer. These are people who "own" their oddities with no qualms whatsoever." -Urban Dictionary Definition with 15 up-votes to just 7 down-votes. Favorite track: oh oh oh oh.
wet___dog thumbnail
wet___dog life would be cooler in your head Favorite track: Life Would Be Cooler.
Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz love listening to this shit when i'm feeling dark as hell Favorite track: Life Would Be Cooler.
Amy Gedgaudas
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Amy Gedgaudas It's just sooooooo good. So good. Captures what heavy-heartedness feels like. Favorite track: Sunbeams Through Your Head.
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recorded by mac, isaac and fred
mixed by Garrett Linck
mastered by Sean Fahey


released September 13, 2016

Isaac Eiger- Vocals/Guitar/Organ on Track 6
Fred Nixon- Bass/Organ/Piano/Keyboard/Vocals on Track 3
Mac Pogue- Drums


all rights reserved



Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Sunbeams Through Your Head
keep me in my head
i don't want to know
you hate all your friends
they already know

stay stuck instead
sunbeams through your head
saltines stain your breath
milky dread
Track Name: Life Would Be Cooler
ava held me down till it got dark
let me know
let me go

you're out
biking round in the night
you're too great
i'm awake

i'm here bothered by it all
you're still swimming circles
around the dusky fall
come down meet me at the park
wait up can we freeze this part
Track Name: Dolph
Spikey hair don't go to waste
Solid banter caught on tape
Call it uber, move across tectonic plates
The sun revolves around the earth today

Solace of familiar gaze
Just like nothing ever changed
She wants to be awake in dawn and feel the sun break
She likes to see the clouds dispense the rain

She makes me feel like I've never been wrong
And she's makin me feel like I'll never be wrong
Track Name: Whatever You Say
whatever you say
when the flames
finally break
we'll be saved
push our
mouths around this way
Track Name: oh oh oh oh
stuck in Time
love is only as sad as life
i wanna know
do you still feel
honest when you're crying
stupid when surviving
oh oh oh oh

fade all day
when it's dark i'll beg you to stay
i never know
is this the deal
growing numb or lying
living till you're dying
oh oh oh oh

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