Rot Forever

by Sioux Falls

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Rot Forever was recorded and mixed in the summer of 2015 by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording in Portland, Oregon and Mastered by Sean Fahey.

Tapes and Vinyl available on Broken World Media and Standard Brickhouse Records


released February 19, 2016

Isaac Eiger- Vocals, Guitar
Fred Nixon- Bass, Vocals
Ben Scott- Drums

Tylord aka Tyler Bussey played banjo on Practice Space
Laken Wright sang on Soaked in Sleep
A whole bunch of *~semi-ok~* people sang on San Francisco Earthquake

Lyrics by Isaac except Crushed by Fred
Cover photo taken by Clive Nixon c. 1970 something


all rights reserved



Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: 3fast
she played rock guitar
she hated herself also
she googled her name on the internet when she was feeling lonely

i google my name too
in midnight light in an empty room
when it comes creeping in
i watch south park then go to bed
they'll hook up trodes to my head
glue them to my skull till i look like a cyborg
too bored to burn too fast
miss you bad but i won't text back
but i've seen birds collide
got chills in fast 5
seen spiders levitate
between my house and our worn down gate
those things we don't talk about
and when we say we are you know we aren't
you aced your SAT
that's pretty cool you're so fucking smart

that guy seems like a fucking dick
i can't understand just why i hate him
maybe i'm a fucking dick
and my judgements tend to come way too quick
or maybe he's more talented than me
and that makes me feel weird in an uncomfortable way
i can't explain
or maybe i'm just kinda into his girlfriend
she's pretty and she has a nice voice

so i'm blank faced at a party
looking for things to say
and they keep making conversation
but man i just can't expain
won't someone take me away?

i think you look just fine
batting your lashes with a lazy eye
i'm addicted to connected lives
it's lonely when you've got no wi-fi
those things we don't talk about
and when we say we are you know we aren't
man i know you've got some fucked up thoughts
but you broke her jaw when she broke your heart
Track Name: Dom
spending too much time on the internet
are you ok? you don't seem very into it
when i get home i crawl in bed
did you get that voicemail your sister sent?

when i explode will you freak out?
ben's never tasted saur kraut
i think it's fun i think it's sweet
i think it's nice i think you're mean

how was work are you okay?
how's your mom is she the same?
i am good just playing shows
you know how that stuff goes
i know it's hard for you to see
but this is just what she needs
you never got just what she meant
you messed it up again, again
you went to bed but not to sleep
you hurt yourself
he is a creep
that fucks his kids
they hit their friends
and disrupt class their teacher says
i don't know just where i sit
towards the back a little bit
she had a big newfie named dom
he died young now she's a mom

i hope that she is doing ok
i think she is in her own way
i hope she is doing ok
Track Name: Chain of Lakes
an oil slick around the moon
would you like to watch cartoons?
maybe it's just better this way
maybe it's just

strange to see you laugh with me
i'm not funny
just OCD
maybe when we were better
more unlike ourselves
tell me what to do

a chain of lakes inside your skull
we ate donettes till we were full
krispy cremes on eyelid screens
meeting you felt strange

i'm weak
he always cheats
at games
nice set
smoked pot by the ocean
in san francisco
i felt less alone
show me all your poems
Track Name: Past Tense
i can feel you in my breathing space
can you steal the things you're scared to take?

but i can tell you're down again
you tried to count your cells
there's lots of them
i guess it makes no sense
you always use past tense

you said you'd never notice
if it came back to you
you know that's not true
i think it's fucking bogus
it's all you wanna do
it makes you feel like you
i can't breathe
the lake monsters and freaks
kiss my cheek
tell me that i'm sweet
make me feel ok
your way
Track Name: Try
wait for your friend
what's up?
are you ok ben?
she treats you bad
cuts on her legs
she has issues with her dad

i want to kiss you
you don't live here
you probably never will

eyes sadder than the passing of time
so shy
but i still think it's cute when you try
Track Name: In Case It Gets Lost
i guess i'll live another way
it's so romantic when our lungs disintegrate
an astronaut floating in
the shadows of the severed limbs
of everyone that's ever been
and graduated man you made it
bleeding out space debris
stillborn loves breathe heavenly
and in and out again
and in and out again

i thought you dropped
your ceiling stopped
breathing hot mess on your tongue
heaving cold gusts through your lungs

a loose tarp flapping against your head
it sounds like winter back in 1998
your mom will stay in bed
for hours her eyes are emptier
than anything you've ever seen
you swear this is a movie
your life's some stupid tv show
on nick at nite your sister used
to stay up late and watch with you
you saw her face in the tv
past dog hairs stuck
by static electricity
and mix cd's with modest mouse
the first time at your best friend's house
the stereo made sense to you
and bedroom's seemed to come unglued
from houses anchored to the ground
you're falling skyward not a sound
it is ok to be alone
it is ok to stay at home
there is no need to hate yourself
for the failing parts that make you real

i know that you will live to do
another thing that makes you smile
i know you'll see the northern lights
and cry and say it's been worthwhile
to stay up long enough to see the sun return to us
for years until it floats away
a balloon on some lost saturday
Track Name: Practice Space
i feel so october
and what exactly is a human anyway?
i think you're cooler when you're sober
arcata beaches
swimming out amongst the waves

we smoked a spliff outside the practice space
your face was sinking in and warping out of place
i said the sky's a different shade
you said it tends to happen fast this time of day

i loved you soon as i first saw you
bathed in blue across the room you looked so cool
it feels like shit when i think about it now
but i'd still like to love you somehow
Track Name: Dinosaur Dying
i know it slips and gets displaced
beneath the waves that live in you
your mom and dad survive encased
inside their childhood residue
it seems so strange to see the sun arrive so late
it splits apart the nighttime
warms your face

i was on your roof
looking at cartoons
you were right there too
nothing else to do
then you stopped

but it sounds like a dinosaur dying
just those long nights
where you're not even crying
did you see the length of my reach?
did you need something different than me?

i'm getting so sick of myself
the dumbest ticks become routine
an exit pressed against your head
a flaming ocean in the street
i had a dream you were in a book that i am reading
won't you come see pile with me?
Track Name: Copy/Paste
buildings disintegrate behind your eyes at night
your thoughts swim inside the sweat you've left behind
tug on your blinds
the clouds are glitchy copies in some program
you thought to yourself

my bones are attracted to each point in outer space
your phone cries out in this dark and roaring place
your waking up face
tugs on me across the city

but when i'm feeling all alone
i think of you
faded out and overgrown
call me up across our rooms
there shouldn't be
there couldn't be another you
you're part of me
i like the stuff you like to do

stay home feel guilty about everything you do
weird mood
count the days in empty toothpaste tubes
cool american chips
scattered all along your chapped lips

but when i'm feeling all alone
i think of you
faded out and overgrown
call me up across our rooms
there shouldn't be
there couldn't be another you
i know you've seen
their bodies tugging on you too
Track Name: San Francisco Earthquake
makes me feel like nothing ever did
nothing seems to change
and these moments they go
we saw porches. with a bunch of artsy kids
the songs were really great
i didn't mingle at the show

but i know you're lying to me
i still hear your breath in the morning
but there's some kind of cavern inside me
with polyethylene gloves
and carbon copies of me
to be pulled out
when you've finally figured out
it's not enough to love someone or thing
your dog still dies in your dreams
in the san francisco earthquake
people are crushed the ground shakes
i see you leave
my heart beats

leena's looking good today
writing lots and running late
remember when your cousin came?
she forgot your middle name
frankie is a philistine
you will turn away from me
halo 2 in 7th grade
we watched them hang saddam huessein
all my friends are getting old
seattle lost the super bowl
tear the atoms from my bones
make me something more than whole
Track Name: Crushed
it was sunny
like 80 degrees
i stayed inside
watched tv
all my friend is at work today
i don't like him that much anyway

and i keep thinking my wheels are all falling off
and there's somebody stealing my socks
i've been having this dream where my hands are too small
i can't focus my eyes and i'm lost

that's incorrect
i'm untrue
not quite sure if i'm confused
drive at night through some fog
i turn on my high beams
they only make it harder to see

and i keep thinking my wheels are all falling off
and there's somebody stealing my socks
so i just keep on banging my head on the wall
feeling crushed by the weight of it all

you're gonna make
your great escape
you turned away
i'll do the same
you've got a sexy buff guy calendar up on the wall
i said i like your bangs
you said hey thanks i like your clogs
Track Name: Soaked in Sleep
can you stay?
hang out in my head
staring at the ceiling all day
clean your plate
dook lays in the sun
that song you sent me feels like saturdays

call in
i'm not sick
i feel better than i usually do
soaked in sleep
stick with me
in 2003
show me

get off late
bussed up to your house
the moon was huge and followed me to your place

never mind
i don't even know
the seconds get all stretched and split with holes
Track Name: Mcconnoughey
you're sitting in my kitchen feeling dumb
we rearrange our bodies in the sun
you said one day i'm gonna face it
last night i saw the last episode
of true detective
i thought it was a cop out the way they left it
college kids dance manically
do you think they're ok?
or are they always just that way?

am i bored or just a loser?
i know i get bad yelp reviews
but it's the best that i can do
guts and gore
on my computer screen
i'm semi-ok and i'm staring into you

you feel it in your insides that you've peaked
you haven't made a single thing all week
you say you're never gonna make it
on the overlapping bridges late at night
you touch my face as cars whirr by
i like the nighttime
i like the daytime too

what should i be?
what can i do?
your family visits once a week
you're so nice
i like your room
i think i meant to lead you on
Track Name: Your Name's Not Ned
i know what i am
and i know what i wanna do
i thought that we could get away
i thought that you would come around and stay
i don't like your rants
i think you're too intense at times
your eyes bulge out your head
bugging out about the books you've read

i know how it goes
and i know how your breathing flows
i thought that we could get away
i thought that you would come around and stay
why'd you go so soon?
i think you're on a thought parade
i called you up today
you hate raiders but love last crusade

but i think you lost again
you lost your head
your name's not ned
but who knows you've got weird friends
you picked a coma over your comrades
a vegetable at last
eating artificial grass

sometimes i hate myself
for putting stock in stupid stuff
i can't escape my head
she's so cool but i'm an idiot
she'll just slip away
you're as alone as yesterday
you woke up by yourself
called your mom and brushed your teeth real well
Track Name: If You Let It
dookie's puking everywhere
will he be ok?
i like the way you cut your hair
it looks really great
but maybe we're animals
or maybe we're cannibals
but lately
i'm so afraid
i've lost my place
do you think i could come over?
i think it's best when we pretend

annie, how do you feel?
i'm trying to make you real
but i shut up
when i shouldn't
felt the rush
and just blew it

when i'm walking home
the streetlights talk with me sometimes
the sounds of skateboarding
come rolling through the night
i miss my dog and my sister
she'll graduate in the summer
all those asshole boyfriends
with holes inside
they pick at her heart
i watched her cry all night
ellie you'll be ok
sometimes it feels so horrible
but you know you can't push it away
you just need to sit and cry a while
and try and ride out the pain

it goes away
if you let it
some saturday
you'll forget it
you'll be out climbing with your friends
the sky so blue
the sun will shine on you
you'll be released

but i think i should go to the dentist
cuz i haven't been for a while
and i need to get my eyes checked
so i can see your sleepy smile
from far away
Track Name: The Winner
trying to get to bed
but i'm not getting anywhere at all
it's 4 am i bite my fingernails
my cuticles are pissed off
eating jello for dinner
if life's a contest
i'm a winner

i'm a grownup
i can get ready
for bed by myself
but i can't fall asleep without you
i'm alone and i feel most clever
when i'm by myself
but i'm only funny when i'm around you

i'm a wreck
and i just lie around
in some boxer briefs
haven't left the apartment for days
if you're not coming home
it'll probably turn to weeks
leveling up in the latest rpg
never thought that fantasy was for me
but seriously it's pretty cool

g d c who needs a chord sheet
when you're the singer in sioux falls?
but meta irony is not the point here
i just wanna believe that what i'm doing
means something to someone else
before i die and rot forever

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