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Remembering The Rockets

by Strange Ranger

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Leona 03:46
the cars come by your house it's friday night again I miss the morning before it comes to me she is here I've given up love I've given up wanting love but I could count the ways I've wanted you I can't believe you'd want me too I play guitar and say your name again Fiona come over now I know you're itchin to ba da da da da da da not to say these things fix everything I'm still a lonely kid talking about how we're different I can still taste your kisses never wanna do my dishes nothing real's on my wishlist seeming like a lonely child I leave the country feeling wild unsatisfied the moment I arrive wanting sex and having kids and feeling bored with violence it comes to me and finally I fear it ba da da da da da da
Sunday 03:19
I'd apologize to you anytime you want me to I think he's evil privately hold my tongue and do the dishes back at home or standing in the sunlight you say it's gone keep you waiting all the time drunk enough to change my mind and quoting all the dumbest parts talk through movies in the dark and we're still friends but early in the morning you say it's gone trying to find a job again Leni says she's over working thought of you the other day what if I just went away and I'm alone in the world
Ari Song 03:24
ask me why are you so far away? crashing your head into everything gasping onward just to fall in line I see you in passing almost all the time I like your dog I wanted you to sing along with me are you sleeping? I can't remember all my friends retreated from them before I ever left do you know what is this that lives in me? I grow shapeless in the starry heat wish I were a dog I wish that you could sing along with me
athens, ga 00:52
everybody feels so cold am I the type you'd like to know? and I would of missed it no matter what you said went wrong no matter how long I'd been gone I've always known and I'll never shake it when I'm feeling drunk and understood looking for your footprints in the woods days coming slow call you when I'm off the plane lying in the lake all day remember the summer a piece of roman candle in my eye I know you try to never say goodbye ash on the coast the world is ending slow enough to brush my teeth each night wading through the smoke to find some light quiet in the snow
tried to see you but I was in a fog shame to shake it off you chase the loss long as he’s the boss explains my weirdest dreams screaming like you wouldn’t believe tried to know how everything just ends doo doo do doo dooo I know it’s wrong being short with you just don’t apologize heaving like you won’t believe it downstairs you’re down there tilt your tired head sideways saturday you left I slept through every stung desire on your breath it’s just like every aggravation never happened I guess so long like to be more just us hanging out with nothing else to think about I’m late for work cause you’re here again the dreamers cross their eyes double visionary lullabies today’s the greatest I know what he’s talking about dropping out was dumb I think you should have stayed and been in boring plays and here we are deaf in the rain oohoooh
rockets 00:47
please take me home snuff me out i lost my phone off in the crowd i need my gal holding my hand i need my pals packed in my van because we got fucked up off the silly little things now my eyes are out of focus and iʼm spilling all my feelings i love you i hope that you know it i know i donʼt say it enough we could be lonely we could make friends we can kick my heart around in a ranch style home please let me know whoʼs on my side the sun done shone right in my eyes i lost the road deep in the night hey baby donʼt say i never tried you know i get hung up on the silly little things now my world is out of focus cause my telephone is ringing and when i pick it up iʼm talking to you and youʼre telling me you feel love all around you now i know of some folks turning up their nose theyʼre calling this a double wide but i say itʼs a ranch style home and i like them french fried potatoes hey boo where are you do you wanna come to my house and get naked stay in and maybe make some stains on the blankets fragrance by phoniness i fear the love of loneliness iʼll surely die adrift
Pete's Hill 03:30
it's snowy in the world today a little kid so full of grace if I'd never met you anyway if I wasn't going to see you saturday nocturnal flies in the light the slow dance of the ill of sight if I tried my best but killed again if I hit your chest with gold cement do do do do do do do do do do
a planet in your throat only I would know you're never what you show we go way out beneath the lights you show me what you think you're like out running with my dad 20 years could pass what changes in your sleep? take me way out beneath the lights ringing explosions in the night still trying everyday gone or just away don't look at me like that way out beneath the lights
babies in the street when I wake up the weirdest dream leave my house at 10 hear my favorite song again and I say have I grown dull on you? I know I am an alien or do you not notice cause you've had too much to think about you can't believe it anymore I like the way it was before planes move through the sky I walk to work in fading light daddies with their kids I still want that I still feel sick oh I can't hide from all the violence in my dreams I can't taste it till I'm drifting off to sleep hey are you there? I'll stop shouting cold in the air do you taste it?
'02 01:41
Living Free 03:34
eating apples in the yard you don't know what makes you happy all the colors in your memories bleeding out your ears I'll come knocking soon enough it'd be easy just to see me every incident between us as a choking of the wind daytime in your foggy light I'll keep sitting by the curbside watching rainbows in the gutter you lose even souvenirs some suggestion that you made living free as breathing water all the similarities between the salt lake and the sea repetition blowing on I don't know what was the question? are you honest on the telephone? here to just move on awkward angels in the snow what if I just want a family? rockets sailing through the morning light silence and the sky in the future there is love I tell myself when I wake up birds in rain and strangers on the bus giving me advice keep a light on while I'm gone little memories when you lie there all the years as blurry cars and trees screaming right past me
I said I'm scared of everything I'd be angrier without you I get rusted as a sun tan like I'd ever wait and see like every friendship that's ever gone like every month crushed up in my fingers don't go out and die change like shapes in the nighttime it gets dark step outside the sky is clear is all love terrifying in your arms? let the air in through the window flickers of a world to come here but lovelier than this one see it rippling in the river still living our lives it feels so loud but it's alright stay in my heart


released July 26, 2019

Isaac Eiger- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard/Synth
Fred Nixon- Vocals, Bass, Piano/Keyboard/Synth
Nathan Tucker- Drums, Guitar on track 1
Fiona Woodman- Vocals

Drums recorded by Matt Tomson
Other Drums produced by Dylan M Howe
Vocals for tracks 11 and 13 recorded by Matt Tomson

Mixed by Harrison Smith with additional mixing by Garrett Linck
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

All songs written by Isaac Eiger with the exception of Ranch Style Home and ‘02 written by Fred Nixon
Music composed and arranged by Strange Ranger
Produced by Isaac Eiger and Fred Nixon

Cover photo taken by Fiona Woodman
Graphic layout by Mac Pogue


all rights reserved



Strange Ranger New York, New York

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