Odds 'n' Ends

by Sioux Falls

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released May 7, 2012



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Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

Indie Rock band from Portland, Or.


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Track Name: All Fury and Light/It's so Dark it's so Bright
I know what it looks like
breathin' through lungs
you could be half right
alone with the hum of old fans
chewin' old gum and
the air through your hands
I thought everyone wants a savior to love
a martyr or a lover or death from above
unlock our limbs as we lash out in lust
you came bearing twins but the third one gave up

and I don't miss you like I thought I would
soaked in nostalgia you left me in the woods
when you walked all night with that guy
and I thought we could talk but
you left me out of sight
in the cabin I cried
all through the night
and the sunrise blew by
in all fury and light
and the milky way sighed
alone, light years from life
it's so dark it's so bright
Track Name: Dry Sockets
I just want to play videogames
cause I've grown tired of most other things
do the same kinda things everyday
friendships have all grown stale and cliched

my train of though is lost upon unfamiliar tracks
snake and slither through the barren lands
of my all to forgettable past
I'm seventeen
I hope it lasts

Dry sockets and dumb psychiatrists
mood stabilizers never last
whatever you had, the past passes so fast
I'm seventeen I hope it lasts
Track Name: Kill the Brights (truffle shuffle)
I've been down here before
same old sound, my ears are bored
you wish you lived like the movies
still your heart beats and beats and beats
no one to soothe you

and I've hung around with you before
and if I've been down, then you've been ignored
writing your movies
ya you've been down, down, down
driving around at night
kill the brights
Track Name: Ace House
And there it goes again
there are faces in my window again
I said, they left
I left my keys at a restaurant or at my friends
apartment, we watched as it rained
it felt like we bonded
or something like that throughout the demo
I heard your not scared of nothing
I guess you're afraid of the dark
its ok
I think most people also are

I wanna blow off my friends
let my roommate pay the rent
I spent those checks
on candy bars and things I'll soon
forget the rest
it's old and broken on the floor
look through my drawers
my corduroys and I crawl out the door
I know I'm scared of something
my head less than my heart
I wanna see you fall apart
Track Name: 3.7/10 (Do ya?)
And now I don't know where I stand
this line was supposed to be about some thoughts I had
all these opinions that all made sense
so I could participate in existential arguments
but now I don't know where I stand
what was the thesis I laid out before hand?
and all I can think about are Pitchfork's remarks
"'existential arguments'- what a feeble attempt to prove he's smart"
and now I have no idea what the fuck is going on
was this a really really bad idea for a song?
do I start to feel bad when I think to much
or do I start to think to much when I feel bad?
my girlfriend had a panic attack last night
all of you guys seem to be okay on the inside
but I bet a few of you also had panic attacks last night
I bet that all of you oftentimes have heavy thoughts on your mind
and I know it sucks
ya I know it sucks
but there are sometimes times it doesn't suck

do ya do want my love
do ya do ya want my face
I need it
do ya do ya want my mind
I'm saying
do ya do ya want my love?
Track Name: Yuppie Dinner Parties
I've been tired
but I went to work the other day
and I've sat and admired
migrations of ants as they passed my way
you told me that kind of stuff the other day
I said I kinda sometimes feel the same in certain ways/days

You like zombie movies from the 80's
tiny lego pieces but you give them stories
looking through your parents house for prescriptions
at yuppie dinner parties your mom always says
"well of course he was never addicted"