Lights Off For Danger

by Sioux Falls

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released May 15, 2014

Isaac Eiger- Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo
Fred Nixon- Bass, Some Vocals
Benjamin Scott- Drums, "rock 'n' roll"

recorded/mixed by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording
mastered by Chris Vita at Vita Mastering



all rights reserved


Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

Indie Rock band from Portland, Or.


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Track Name: On the Bus In the Heat
I can't defend
the sting the stab
my thoughts just jammed
my brain snuck past
my tongue and tore your heart out
outside out of friends and cop outs

but I've seen the grease beneath your teeth
on the bus in the heat
we wait no sleep
you split and fold
connect the holes in your lungs
thin blood runs
ankles bloat
eyes mold

it looks like lead
spread out on glass
your heart your hands
cut through the
blackness hides regrets and friendships
lain beside the roads and bike paths
Track Name: Where Is Nebraska?
take it from me
I'll give it up
you'll see
these parts so weak
unhinged and cheap
blue jeans green fleece
and tambourines and tangerines
and tarnished dreams and gasoline
standing there so defiant
jelly beans and 16 C's
and Omaha just after dark
walk me to the park when it's cold out
Track Name: Empty Shows
we're in a Carl's Jr.
it's Thanksgiving and I know
that you'll be wrapped up in somebody
watching fuzzy tv shows
and in the screen sometimes you catch yourself
you cry when you're alone
and the fluorescent lights hang over me
like flat electric snow
and so we hang ourselves from kitchen ceilings
in our dreams of home
it's like my memories all forgot themselves
in classrooms passing notes
with stupid girls and stupid guys
and stupid summers wrecked with hopes
I heard you raped a girl in some frat house
I hate you more than you can know

the pills dissolve like sugar cubes at the bottom of the sink
and I forgot to take them yesterday
today I can hardly think
and so we're shrugging off the emptiness
and wearing dirty clothes
and there's no sex or drugs
just rock 'n' roll
and playing empty shows
and bla bla bla
Track Name: Miranda and Also Some Bad Dreams
he tripped and burned his face off on the grill
no one wanted to have sex with him after that
I thought he looked pretty silly standing there
with the veiny flesh peeling down his neck
he told her

I've got digits to lose
I'd break off all my toes for you
I'd break off all my toes
hey man what's the use?
death's not something that you choose
he drowned himself in a lake
his mom was still awake
it was a saturday

hey Miranda you know I think you're super cool
I work at Pita Pit
you go to some cool ivy league school
you design software
I've got like 3 socks to wear
I'm overwhelmed and underwhelmed by everything

but I've got mornings to lose
I'd stay up all night just hanging out with you
cause I've been laid out for days
I hate small talk and everything else that waits
when I leave my house
my friends come drag me out
I lie and say I'm sick
or something equally stupid

please come hang out with me because I am all alone
there's old papers plastered to the street when I'm walking home
my roommate's face swelled up like a burn victim last week
no parties
but I don't like hanging out with large groups of people anyway
so it's all cool with me
Track Name: Boring History
it goes against your will
it hits like cheapo chills
where do you get off?
how was it?
you loved it?
and why am I sometimes such an asshole?
and how did I ever get so shallow?
and I sleep alone
how was it?
you loved it?

and now the air's been sucked from the room
success a depressed vacuum
so step up be split in two
sensations from your boring history unglued
so what is this?
can I make it through?
Track Name: The Sky Was the Color of Television Tuned to a Dead Channel
I got back home
ramen alone
novocaine hopes
spread thin

I see the lights collapse beneath a stale sky
break so break contract on your back
we live for these moments of clarity
stuck so stubborn to tragedy

man how you've grown
drinking's a little less under control
who would have known
manic fits

I caught your eyes before you folded back into yourself
they're making out right by me on the bus
they're 22 oh well
this shell
so unwell
Track Name: All Fury and Light/It's so Dark It's so Bright
I know what it looks like
breathing through lungs
you could be half right
alone with the hum of old fans
chewing old gum and the air through your hands
I thought everyone wants a savior to love
a martyr or a lover
or death from above
unlock our limbs as we lash out in lust
you came bearing twins but the 3rd one gave up

and I don't miss you like I thought I would
soaked in nostalgia you left me in the woods
when you walked all night with that guy
and I thought we could talk
but you left me out of sight
in the cabin I cried
all through the night
and the sunrise blew by
in all fury and light
and the milky way sighed
alone light years from life
it's so dark it's so bright
Track Name: Lights Off Speak Less
sometimes I feel so insecure
sometimes I feel so small and unsure
I think about this life so grand
endless burning suns
the touch of another's hand
can you feel my bold beating heart?
so stubborn leading this death bound charge
it's a tundra of lifeless dark
it's a sprawl of run down cars

can't get you out of my head
cracks on the crazy pavement
you always walk off nameless
and if I fall I see it
and if you're off just leave it
when I can't talk I speak less

stand still
blink real

woke up and barfed up corn flakes
can't stick the stitched up tooth aches
blew spit and hitched up loose legs
got to the bus stop too late
sat back and watched the airplanes
the foggy friday stayed awake

stand still
blink real
fall off
scream soft

I felt my place I felt the land
the empty space between my hands

I got fucked up I made mistakes
we saw some titties it wasn't that great
on the way home I lost the way
I lost a friend
I punched his face
at times I cry when I masturbate
ok not really but it feels that way
I just miss you a lot when you go away
all I want is you to feel the same
you could say this was a way
apart from me you might not stay
and forever if you leave one day
I guess I'll just have to be ok

I felt my place I felt the land
the empty space between my hands
I know you could be
you could be again