Big Krackel

by Sioux Falls

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music's friend's club 2013


released June 10, 2013

Sioux Falls is:
Isaac Eiger
Fred Nixon
David Clemmer

Recorded/Mixed by Robert Comitz at Frawg Pound Studios
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering



all rights reserved


Strange Ranger Portland, Oregon

Indie Rock band from Portland, Or.


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Track Name: Big Krackel
I've been down here for a long, long time
dopamine delusions late at night
assholes hanging out in the darker parts of the room
pick and choose
ya win, ya lose some its ok

I see
the way you move your teeth
nothin' but yer bullshit at 18
assistant managing hawaiian time sounds good to me

now i see
what you wanna be
nothin' but yer bullshit
transparent meat
ham and rye will rot behind make believe
Track Name: Daylight Savings
You cut your hair so short
wore out the cracks in my front door
the carpets crushed to bits
the sickly sit and mash their lips
never closin'
the air is flavorless
vending machines swallow my tips
I work the dayshift
I heard ya look like shit
but I hear a lot of things
hit and miss
these dry plains so limitless
I know it can exist
this perfect vastness
the valleys brush my fingertips

sometimes, this life of mine grows tired
still I'm afraid to die
it goes around and 'round forever
hovering in the sky
did you think it would be nicer
walkin' in rewind?
steps drawn back into the past
still, this destination never lasts
Track Name: These Years in Wait
I'd break
the coastline's open wide and so am I
can't stay
asleep beneath these automatic skies

coast through these days
these years in wait
like drops of rain
lost on great lakes

your gaze
breakin' on the beaches in my brain
most days
spent inside while asteroids collide

I felt your shape
I breathed your name
regrets may change
the past still stays the same
Track Name: Amoeba
I am an amoeba
one cell, one name
so good to see ya
I can't recall this space
some place ok

You are a drifter
untouched, unknown
I hate your guts out
my friends lives are their own

Did you for a second
think you were really someone?
I saw you drowning in the back
stood still through your mom's first heart attack
you lost your chance to lose your mind
you're fine

You came on a greyhound
drove straight
right through the night
highways wrapping 'round my fingers
the sunrise brings pale light

Sometimes I think
I'm over-thinking everything
there's no on/off switch for my brain
my lungs collapse
broke circuits, old names
not one thing's ever happened for a reason
Track Name: Swallowin' Splinters
Pukin' fig newtons
feeling so useless
outside an ocean's coming down
I see you shiver
swallowin' splinters
inside faces are tossed around

Unknotting loose ends
feeling so ruthless
inside your step dad's coming down
I see you shiver
she's chopping up liver
outside the front lawn's growing out

Everybody wants to get into heaven
but nobody wants to die
that's what she's screaming outside 7-11
they're buying candy bars and rolling their eyes
I hoped I'd never have to go to work again
the light fell through my window
lying on my bed
Track Name: Long Sleeves
I thought you lost
just like your brother
well of course you did
long sleeves in summer

I don't wanna waste your time
shooting in the bathroom's fine
this time
I know you love her just fine

I know it feels slow
on a bus in rush hour
everyone is all alone
I watch the wind blow
displacing different atoms
they get tossed around
like jokes that you tell when you're drunk at parties
if they don't make sense
what's the sense in starting
fist fights when you're strung out and scrawny?
this is happening